2013 – My Pristine Reflections!

My reflections

My reflections

Today is the last day of 2013, while looking back, it seems I have had a very fruitful year with several events – blockades checking my progress and accolades bestowed on me for my hard work. The year 2013, for me, had especially been a year of changes, be it official or personal as I was lucky enough to go through changes at both the extremes.

While everyone is busy partying (I’ve no qualms!!) and framing resolutions (usually created to be broken!!) – I chose to be different by penning my thoughts on how 2013 has been to me. By doing this, not only am I introspecting the entire year but also setting up expectations for the year ahead – the magnificent 2014! My introspection may be philosophical at some places, so do not mind those!

Just like the wise saying ‘God gives problems to only those who are capable enough to face them’ – I am a proud to share that I have been a rich beneficiary of the same. God had been kind to me in 2013, just like he has been with me with all these years. He would never give me a lock to open, without placing its key elsewhere well within my reach and sight – grateful to you Bhagwan for you to do so. On my personal observation, I recommend all others to search for the key instead of breaking the whole door. The key would definitely be within your reach, all you need to do is to search at the right places.

While I am introspecting 2013, I could not but stop thinking about 2012. The reason being, life was never same after 2012. I used to be lethargic, and sported a carefree attitude, and was literally enjoying my bachelorhood – I loved it and feel nostalgic about it, just like old school days. But after the mid-2012, I started to understand the nuances of life that continued on till the end of 2013 and on. It took me sometime to understand life and what it had in store for me. It would be blatant lie if I say that I have accomplished everything in life in these 2 years, however I would like to declare that my actions/inactions during these years have made me aware of things I need to accomplish in life. I now know what I want in life and what do pursue to achieve my goals. That said, for pursuing a goal – you need to identify what is your goal – without which it is like being seated in a car with no steering wheel or driver. The car takes you wherever it wants, not where you want to go!

On a personal note, relationships in general had given me enough trouble in 2013. I was able to deduce faint traces or feelers in 2012, but little did I know that those will get deeply rooted in 2013. I have tried my best to wriggle out of family issues, keeping my mouth shut at the right times and being aloof to emotional blackmailing, with similar instances so on and so forth. By doing such, I have made my life a far better place to live, rather than rattling my thoughts and emotions over factors which I know I don’t have influence over. At the end of the day, if you are not happy with the life you are leading, then you are not living your life but just existing!

I do believe in astrology to an extent – the science of stars and planetary motions, but have never got carried away by its predictions. I see astrology as a tool, and recommend you to compare it to something like a daily weather forecast – stay wary of the circumstances/scenarios around you and plan well in advance. To illustrate better, wear warm clothes if rough weather is anticipated, or carry an umbrella if you expect Surya Bhagwan to gleam throughout the day.

In the new dawn of 2014, I expect life to give me more challenges and opportunities that would shape me into a much better person than I am today. I would also like to request it to make me a person who dreams creatively, loves unconditionally, aspires indefinitely, and on top of everything help me achieve my personal and career goals. Aspirations are just fine, but without hard work – you are no different from a day-dreamer. I pray to god to give me the strength to take up challenges and astuteness to grasp opportunities in 2014!

Wishing you everyone a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2014!! May god bless with you with all goodness of life to aspire, achieve and succeed in life!!

God bless.