Why you should not use IRCTC eWallet to book train tickets

IRCTC has always been on the path of innovation, and is known for constantly rolling out exciting new features for the consumers. One such novel feature is the eWallet feature on IRCTC and i just wanted to share some information around the same. It is good to see IRCTC atop of technology and stay trending, unmindful of the sarcasm and criticism thrown against them which is available all around the internet.

Generally, eWallet is an online wallet system that could be used for using services on a specific sites, either for purchasing or processing refunds. It is a common feature on several shopping portals such as Yebhi, Jabong etc.,. Just like you are required to have some cash in your physical wallet should you need to purchase anything, similarly you also need to keep funds in your eWallet. There are several payment options such as credit card, debit card, net banking and so on, using which you could credit funds to your eWallet.

why shoul d you not use ewallet

What are the disadvantage that stop you from using IRCTC’s eWallet Service?

While eWallet speeds up time that is otherwise wasted on entering card details on the payment gateway or navigating to your netbanking – so that you could complete a transaction, it has some glaring disadvantages which I would like to highlight and leave it your decision whether to use eWallet or not:

  • eWallet could NOT be used to book tickets during Tatkaal hours i.e., 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs. It is during this crucial time that speed matters the most and every second of the booking time is of significant importance. But if eWallet does not work for me when people need it most, why would someone even sign up for it in the first place.
  • Usually eWallet services offered by shopping sites are free of charge, and you even get some kind of incentives to fund the wallet. However, IRCTC has taken another route, they burden the user with a fee of Rs. 250.00 (non-refundable) just to register an eWallet account. At a time where even banks offer zero-balance accounts (with free debit card, internet banking accounts etc.,), why would someone even go ahead and spend Rs.250 just for an eWallet.
  • Towards the end of the transaction, in addition to the IRCTC’s online booking service charge of Rs. 35.00 (maximum), you are required to shell out an additional Rs. 5.00 as eWallet transaction charge. I’m thoroughly confused and have no idea as why this charge is in the first place. We do understand if  IRCTC has to pay gateway charges to banks who process payments, but here in the eWallet it is an entirely different case, as the wallet by itself is maintained by IRCTC!
  • Refunds or Cancellations are usually made through mode of payment used for the original transaction. So in the case of eWallet it is same too. You get your refunds into your eWallet, presuming that you would do your next booking via eWallet mode.

Who should used eWallet?

With several disadvantages to its credit, we still believe eWallet holds good for following type of consumers:

  • Users who are frequent travellers and need to book their tickets often
  • Users of large organizations where a single IRCTC userid is used to multiple book tickets across the organization. So here eWallet payment mode comes handy as it would usually be recharged/topped-up by a single user.
  • Users who think Rs. 250 for the registration and Rs. 5.00 for every transaction is a negligible, when compared to the exorbitant prices of other transportation modes.
  • Travel Agents/Net Cafe Operators

How to register for the IRCTC eWallet service?

To book tickets via IRCTC eWallet, first of all you need to be registered for this service. Just having an IRCTC username and password does not automatically register you for eWallet, this service has to be registered for separately. A detailed guide on how to register for an eWallet account, depositing funds and booking a train ticket could be found at this IRCTC website link.


5 thoughts on “Why you should not use IRCTC eWallet to book train tickets

      • Even though Indian railway is one of the biggest in the world, but the pain a local commuter gets by availing railway services is harrowing. To start with you cannot get a ticket in a legitimate manner. You have to pay at least 1.5 more times to an agent to get a SL berth ticket.

  1. Sir,
    I would like to point out that what you mentioned is correct but also that eWallet Scheme is NOT AVAILABLE from 8.00 AM TO 12 NOON. That means you cannot book even GENERAL Tickets that will be opening up 2 months in advance, let alone TATKAL. All advantage to the Touts……Bogus scheme as usual from our IRCTC.
    Moloy Kumar.

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