Bangalore Revised Auto Fare Chart (updated February 2014)

The transport department is doing so much to bring in regulation and transparency to the auto-rickshaw industry – but whatever it takes, driver are still doing the rounds to fleece passengers and I don’t blame just the auto drivers for this altogether – we too have a role to play as we agree to their demands. 

The other day I had to travel from the K.R. Puram Railway Station to my house which is hardly 3 Kms, and one smart chap fellow was quick to offer Rs. 200 as the package price. I was amused but angered at the same time, and told him that for that kind of money I can very well buy 3 times full course meals and also added that all it would take is Rs. 80 even to afford the most expensive Radio Taxi in Bengaluru (Meru Cabs). While I traveled back home, I searched for the revised auto fare chart online and was not able to find one that could address my needs, not even on the Bangalore RTO’s website. Agreed that they do all promotion and awareness campaigns, but they still have the auto fares on their portal that was last updated way back  in 2010  (screenshot below). No wonder auto drivers use this to their advantage!

Bangalore RTO outdated Auto Fare Chart

With no more option left to ponder, I went ahead and created my own version of revised Auto Fare Chart for Bangalore. This takes into account the new fares announced by the Bangalore RTO that has come into effect from 18 December 2013.  This post from me was long overdue and I accept this has been in my drafts for sometime now. Nevertheless, I finally wanted to push this to Live so that ordinary people can get saved from being fleeced  by erring drivers.

How to use this chart:

  • This chart gives you the revised auto fare details for upto 30 Kms of travel by a Bangalore auto.
  • All you have to do is match the auto rickshaw meter reading with that of this chart (I’m sure the auto driver will have a copy of the so-called revised chart, but go ahead and doubt its authenticity, as generally the chart neither has an official RTO stamp nor any other identifier to prove that it was issued by the RTO)
  • If the rates of his chart and this one is not matching, then it is very sure that your driver is carrying a manipulated chart with them. Watch out!

Revised Bangalore Auto Fares -