Red… Amber… Sold!

We would have seen persuasive Marketing folks trying to woo us and sell us things that don’t matter to us. But today, I came across an encounter – in just 180 seconds the deal was over, no flashy ads, no flowery tactics – straight business. This took place right in the middle of the road, to be specific – right on the road median separator.
At around 11am today, I happened to witness this while I was waiting at the traffic signal (120 seconds). I presume that this specific umbrella vendor (our hero) should have been standing from 9am onwards (or at least before that) and marketing his product every time the signal turns red. The point to be noted is, he gets only 120 seconds in total to cover the entire lot of vehicles waiting to zoom past once the signal turns green, where is supposed to market, bargain, settle and deliver the product.
So, assuming that signal turns red for 30 mins for an hour in total and he standing there from 9am – he should have marketed his umbrellas for a solid 2 hours without any break (covering vehicles on either sides of the traffic signal). Luckily for him, there was a prospective customer on the same lane where I was waiting at the signal – I noticed that the customer enquired about the product, did some bargain and finally settled for an amount – which was a meager Rs. 100!!
Once our hero sold an umbrella and got the money on his hand, you should see him kissing that 100 rupees note (I did see him do it for at least 15-20 times) and his eyes were full of joy – he was in that state of happiness which cannot be described in words, i should say. Maybe, that was his first sale (or Bhony – in local language). All this happened in span of 120 seconds, mind you. I got extremely inspired by his persistence and never-die attitude of spanning roads in the peak hours and then rejoicing make the first sale. By the way he kissed the 100-rupee note, I can put myself in his shoes and understand how much it means to him…
I have always believed in this, but seeing for the first time before my eyes. Fruits of success through hard work are indeed sweet!!! Once he is done with rejoicing, basking in the glory for making the first sale – here he goes again, opens up yet another Umbrella, checks for any defects, before continuing on with his journey to rejoice yet another time.

Making Relationships Work – Tried and Tested Model explained

Relationships have been often looked upon as expression of intricate feelings in connecting with one another. It is a necessary evil, given the society we live in. While different facets and types do exist, all converge at a common agenda or bottom line – love. The right amount of love doused with an equal serving of understanding can steer personal relationships miles ahead in the right direction.

Let’s work it out
In life, the ‘not so good’ always tends to tag along with the good. You can’t expect everything in your life to be perfect, and it stands no different when you are into relationship either.  A disturbing trend, of later, is the brevity of marriages and their instances turning sour and often ending up at the doorsteps of court filing for mutual separation. In my personal opinion, and also by what wise men in the past had said which no doubt also applies to the current trend, compromise is the only deployable tool to steer clear of differences that crop up whilst a relationship.

Are we on balancing pans?
When in love, this attribute is very much talked about and often respected. In fact, partners strive to compete with each other to project that each treats one another as their best half. But once the courting partners enter into wedlock – equality slowly takes a back-burner, and is replaced by the vindictive ego. It is an undeniable fact that practical life is markedly different from love life which seems all rosy. The influence of Venus tends to be short-lived, if partners fail to realize the fact that they have ahead of them, is a journey which needs collaborative effort from both to steer clear. Mutual respect for each other adds that magical essence to get along with your partner. Even while you commit mistakes, make a point to apologize. It may sound very difficult, but once you start lowering your ego and start apologizing – you can easily feel the positive reciprocation evinced. Many fail to realize that apologizing does not involve loads of money, but a heart filled with loads of love for your loved one.

Don’t take for granted…
This is one that has been often complained and lamented about. Taking one another for granted – caring a damn for your partners, mind you, can often cost you your relationship. It may not be very evident, but be assured that it’d be steadily brimming and would wait for the opportune moment to erupt and create havoc. Complex is the human mind, and so are interpersonal relationships. It is more of surviving in a jungle, unarmed. You may be brave, strong and would want to tame everything you lay your eyes on. But little do we think that, wild animals are out there and they can’t be tamed at your will.

Try to give both, you and the other benefactor some time to evolve with each other. Killing each other is not what is required, but coexisting is. So before you get into a relation, in a corner of your mind, do think if you are ready for this sacrifice of your evil self to get the best from your soul mate – it seriously goes a long way.

Your Shower makes me Shiver

Weekends are not just for the common working man, but for the rain as well. It has been two weeks since I’d started noticing that showers have become the order of the day during weekend, esp. during Friday. Good.

Thank you mother nature. But your showers are making things more worse, especially when I happen to travel on your day of giving it back to earth.

I expect you to be fair! Please give me some time to put my raincoat on, will you? Time and again this happens. I don’t know if I’m the only one to face the wrath, or is anyone out there wants to join me?

I wear the raincoat of mine, a rexin-based latex raincoat which is impermissible to water either way. But when the Sun smiles at its best, this outfit of mine takes the heat in, not allowing it to escape – as if it happens to a valuable asset.

The real action unfolds here. Just like any other day while i was driving to office on a  sunny morning with clear skies. And as expected and as usual, the flyover was jam packed with vehicles battling for their own territory and moving at snail’s pace.

I was informed that it wouldn’t rain – No, it was not the met dept, but my conscience said these after evaluating the then environment. Out of nowhere and all of a sudden, I felt that the skies above me were getting together to perform a rain-dance… I begged it to give me some time to run for a cover.

However, even before I could reach out to my backpack for my jerkin I got drenched all over. It just took 15 seconds for the entire rain-dance, and i was standing there just like a drenched chicken.Pathetic me!

Do you expect me to drive all the way to office now? I would have, had i been an Ice Man – but having born in a tropical country like India, putting up with something cold is just not my cup of tea.

Not seeing any other alternative on hand, merrily took a U-turn and drove back to home. On reaching home, tried to pull off my shoes  – my shoes were happy as they got to bath at least today and for the fact that I can’t put them on for at least 2 days. I hoped there was some pair of trousers and shirt for me – I expect them to rise up to the occasion. Bad luck! Nothing ready, pressed new set of shirt and trousers. Lucky enough to get on hands on a pair of shoes. Ready to go!

Now, once again bright and clear skies. Not again, no taking chances this time, I’ve my Jerkin on 🙂